Frequently Asked Questions

  1).   Why do I need to create an Account?
To own a personal section on the Site. That is where the myAccount comes in to effect. It provides a centralized Login location which in turn, grant a starting point to review prior Orders, re-order from past Orders, change Billing Address, and change (or retrieve) a Password.


  • Provides a Centralized Login Location
  • Link to Order History/Product re-order Page
  • Change Password Utility
  • Email Lost/Forgotten Password Function
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  • Help with Tracking your Package
  • Expedite the Order Process, reducing the Order Form Filling

  2).   What is my hubcap Size?

To find the correct hubcap size for your vehicle look for the series of numbers with a "R" Letter in between them, located on the tire sidewall. i.e. 205/50R17(under the manufacturers name) 205 represents the relative width; 50 represents the relative tire wall height; the R stands for radial and the last number is the wheel size that also represent what the hubcaps size should be. For a replacement hubcap you would need to know the number that apply to your specific vehicle wheel size.

  3).   What is this price: For Singles or for Set of 4?
Price for single is the association of one item or product with the monetary value being displayed, Price is for singles in most instances, other than the Per Set of 4 whenspecified on the product description or clearly indicated on the price box. Price for a set of 4 generally include: Wheel skins, generic after market hubcaps and certain wheel accessories.

  4).   What is an Automatic Discount?
Our Website operate under a eCommerce plataform, that allow us to offer discounts and other promotions to satisfy and provide ours customer with the best and fair deal over a purchase of any of the different products (new or used) on display. Take notice of how much you save on your shopping experience with us, along with the fast and secure delivery that complement you purchase. Below is a list of the discounts that will apply according to you shopping expenses . It will be reflected on your shopping cart subtotal, after you press the "add to cart button", once there, you'll be able to recalculate, modify the purchase or continue through the checkout process
  • Buy over $100.00, Get 4% off
  • Buy over $180.00, Get 5% off
  • Buy over $250.00, Get 6% off
  • Buy over $325.00, Get 7% off

  5).   What is the difference between a Hubcap and a Wheel Cover?
On vehicles built before the 40's hubcaps were used to cover the hub of the vehicle wheel, these "hubcaps" were usually screw on and smaller than 6" in diameter ..... later designs that covered the whole wheel were called "wheel covers" ...By today's standards hubcap is a generic term covering everything from center caps (just covering the lug nuts of the vehicle) to full wheelcovers.

  6).   What O.E.M. means?
O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Ford OEM parts are manufactured by Ford.

  7).   What Aftermarket means?
Aftermarket is a term used to describe replacement parts or upgrades for vehicles parts not made by its original manufacturer.

  8).   What is better: OEM or Aftermarket?
It depends on several factors. I once bought an aftermarket fender for my truck and it didn't fit like an OEM fender would have; however, some recent O.E.M. hubcaps are poorly designed like i.e. Clips on almost all Minivan Hubcaps are extremely weak and break after the Hubcap has been removed a few times. Good brands of Aftermarket Hubcaps are designed with stronger clips and will stay on longer than an Original Equipment.

  9).   Why do Hubcaps keep falling off?
There are several reasons, from broken clips, faulty installation, hitting a curb. Sometimes driving throught a big pothole can knock a hubcap off the wheel.

10).   Is there a hubcap that is guaranteed NOT to come off from my car wheels?
NO really. There isn't any hubcaps that are guaranteed to never flight of the vehicle wheels other than the ones bolted-on by design or specially customized to.

11).   What is better: Plastic or Metal?
In our opinion, plastic is a better alternative due to it lightweight nature. The heavier metal hubcaps tend to come off due to its linear momentum while rotating (unless the hubcap is bolted to the wheel with a lock like some Cadillac wire wheelcovers are).